Reseller Plans/Apps

Reseller Plans:

10 units (10 normal accounts and 5 test accounts)
20 units (20 normal accounts and 10 test accounts)
50 units (50 normal accounts and 25 test accounts)

SwiftBand Reseller App: SwiftResell.apk

SmileBand Reseller App: SmileResell.apk

SpectraBand Reseller App: SpectraResell.apk

ETunnel Reseller App: ETunnelResell.apk

MConnect Reseller App: MConnectResell.apk

MDroid Reseller App: MDroidResell.apk

Call/WhatsApp 08037946755 to purchase plans.

Click here to login to NTelBand | SwiftBand | SmileBand reseller panel.

NTel | Swift | Smile Login

Click here to login to ETunnel | MConnect | AirBand reseller panel.

ETunnel | AirBand Login